Final Farewell

We understand that saying goodbye to your pet can be distressing for everyone. Our vets will gently guide you through the process. We aim to carry out your wishes as peacefully and calmly as possible.

What to expect at a pet euthanasia consultation

We will always talk you through the process. Please let the vet know if there is anything on your mind before or during the procedure or if things are not how you would like them to be.

  • You may want to think about where the best place is to say your final goodbye. This could be in your pet’s bed, their favourite spot in the garden, or on your lap.
  • In most cases, the vet will administer a sedative. This is an injection or edible medication that will make your pet sleepy, so when the time comes to administer the euthanasia injection, they will not be aware of what is happening and will not feel distressed at having to be restrained. In addition, the sedative contains a powerful pain killer, so your pet will feel relieved and more comfortable.
  • All pets react differently to the sedative. If they are older, more poorly, and more relaxed, they are likely to fall asleep very quickly. Animals with a terminal illness (such as cancer) but are otherwise fit and well, may fight the sedative. This is also true of anxious animals – either because this is their normal personality, or they are tuned in to their owner’s upset, the change to their normal routine, or the vet’s presence. In such instances, the vet will top up the sedative.
  • As your pet falls asleep and their body begins to shut down, you may see some abnormal breathing or muscle movements. The breathing can become quite deep and noisy. Sometimes the animal will appear to stretch its legs or arch its back and neck. These are the processes that the body goes through as everything stops working. Because of the sedative, your pet will not be aware of these events, although they can be upsetting to watch.
  • Once your pet has passed, they usually release urine in their bladder and sometimes some stool. The vet will place a puppy pad or towel under your pet before the final injection.

Having any pet put to sleep is an emotional time, and we would not like anyone to hide their true feelings, your pet may pick up on your distress or upset. Therefore, the calmer and more ‘normal’ you can be for your pet, the less anxious they are likely to be. Please let the vet know if you feel it would be too distressing to be present with your pet for the procedure. We encourage you to do what feels right for you – you are not obliged to be present or see their body once your pet has passed.

Options for aftercare

You may choose to keep your pet at home for burial. However, if you would like the vet to help you wrap or move your pet once they have passed, they will be able to assist.

There are several very good pet crematoria in Norfolk and Suffolk. Some owners like to take care of the arrangements themselves, or we can arrange this for you. We work closely with Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremations, who provide a full range of pet cremation services. We know we can rely on them whenever needed and receive wonderful feedback from clients on their compassionate and respectful approach. They have options for general or individual pet cremation, where the ashes are returned to you.

The reception team will be able to talk you through all the options and answer practical questions.

“Pets are family ”

At Rainbow Bridge, we believe pets are family, and they deserve a loving, dignified farewell. We are fully DEFRA-approved, so rest assured our cremations are performed to the highest standards. Based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, we offer independent cremation services covering both Norfolk and Suffolk.

Pet euthanasia prices

Below are the standard charges for a euthanasia appointment booked at least 24 hours ahead. We will try and accommodate requests for urgent euthanasia on the same day. Our ability to respond depends on vet availability. Such visits, where we are able, will incur an additional charge of £60.

Small pet – rabbit chicken etc. £310
Cat £330
Dog up to 25kg £330
Dog over 25kg £365

Private pet cremation prices

The cost includes returning the ashes in a scatter tube. Other options are available at an additional cost.

Small pet £230
Cat £240
Dog up to 9kg £240
Dog 10-25kg £285
Dog 25-40kg £300
Dog 40-50kg £340
Additional costs for dogs over 50kg POA

“Compassionate and caring”

We found Rosie from Paws Indoors a few years ago for our rescue lab. No other vet had ever been able to listen to his chest properly because he made such a racket when he went anywhere he was unsure of! He was so much happier having someone come to see him at home, where he felt safe. Rosie did all she could to make him comfortable and try and help him until we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye. It was so lovely for him to be here at home and go peacefully with us beside him. Rosie dealt with everything with so much compassion, and I can’t thank her enough for helping him and us.