Our service is unique in the area, moreover, we see just a handful of clients each day and, in addition, only have one or two animals in the hospital at any time – nice and peaceful. Because of the extra time and individual attention your pets receive, our prices are inevitably somewhat higher than those you would expect from a regular high street practice.

You will always be informed of the cost of your consultation on booking, but because treatments and procedures vary greatly, the vet will discuss the costs of the different options during the consultation. To ensure clarity we will supply a detailed estimate of any proposed course of treatment or investigation before starting treatment.

Payment via credit or debit card over the phone or by BACS is preferred. We require all visits to be paid for in advance to confirm the appointment.

Standard prices

We offer a 10% discount for second and third vaccinations carried out in the same household if paid for at the time of booking. In addition, if you have litters of puppies or kittens, we can vaccinate and/or microchip at a discounted price. Please give us a call for details.

Consultation – booked 24 hours ahead £120
Consultation – same day £170
Nurse consultation £68
Ultrasound pregnancy confirmation, with nurse £90
Puppy Vaccination Course £220
Dog booster £130
Kitten Vaccination Course £220
Cat booster £130
Rabbit vaccination (Myxi, RVHD 1 and 2) £130
Rabies vaccination £130

Neutering prices

As well as the procedure itself, neutering costs include post-operative analgesia, and routine post-operative checks with the nurse. The prices below do not include pick up and discharge of your pet. You will be advised of your options when booking.

Bitch up to 25kg £495
Bitch over 25kg £550
Dog up to 25kg £325
Dog over 25kg £375
Cat spay £155
Cat castration £110
Rabbit spay £225
Rabbit castration £175

Euthanasia prices

Saying goodbye to your pet can be distressing for everyone. Our vets will gently guide you through the process [link to final farewell page] as we aim to carry out your wishes as peacefully and calmly as possible. Please give our team a call if you need more information.

Small pet – rabbit, chicken etc. £310
Cat £330
Dog up to 25kg £330
Dog over 25kg £365

Private cremation prices

Our reception team will be able to talk you through all the options and answer questions you may have about pet cremation. Some information is also available as part of our Final Farewell [link to page]. The prices below include a return of ashes in a scatter tube, although other options are available at additional cost.

Small pet £230
Cat £240
Dog up to 9 kg £240
Dog 10-25kg £285
Dog 25-40kg £300
Dog 40kg-50kg £340
Additional costs for dogs over 50kg POA