Routine Health Care

We offer everything your pet may need to stay healthy, from dietary and grooming advice to regular flea and worm treatments and annual vaccinations.

Flea and Tick treatments

Fleas and ticks are a hazard to both pets and their owners. As well as being irritating, they can transmit other diseases. Therefore, we hold a range of prescription flea treatments, both spot-ons and tablets and recommend that pets receive year-round protection as these parasites are now a problem all year and not just in summer. As such, it is far easier to apply preventive treatments rather than try to eliminate an infestation from your home once they have found their way in.


It is important to worm your pets regularly for your animals’ health and to protect the health of those around you.


We recommend that puppies and young dogs are treated monthly to eliminate roundworm and to protect them from the risk of lungworm. In addition, although less common, dogs should be treated yearly for tapeworm, more often if they are scavengers or have access to farmland.


Kittens require monthly worming to treat roundworms. Older cats need worming every three months, more often if they are hunters, as they will pick up tapeworms from their prey. Indoor cats are at less risk. The vet can advise you on an appropriate regime for your cat.


All your pets’ preventive healthcare needs are covered by our Pet Health Club [page link], which also allows you to spread the cost of these essentials and gives you a discount compared to buying all the services individually. Depending on your pet, we advise the following vaccinations:

  • Puppies are vaccinated from 8 weeks of age. Our vaccination protocol covers distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and leptospirosis. We can also vaccinate against kennel cough, rabies, and herpes virus.
  • Cats and kittens are vaccinated from nine weeks of age. Our standard protocol covers them against flu, enteritis, and feline leukaemia. Rabies vaccination is also available.
  • Rabbits require an annual vaccination that protects against myomatosis and both strains of viral haemorrhagic disease.

Animal Health Certificates (for travel abroad)

We can supply your pet with an AHC, which is required for pet travel to the EU. Please contact the surgery in advance of your travel plans to ensure we have time to follow all the correct steps. Your pet must have been microchipped and vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before we can issue a certificate.

“Wonderful and sensitive”

We always had a stressful time taking our dog for his annual booster, so we thought we would give Rosie a call. She worked her magic on our boy, meeting him in the garden and spending time for him to get to know her. He spent an hour or so at the window wondering where his new friend had gone afterwards. I wish we had known about her earlier for sure.