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If you would like to register your pet/s with Paws Indoors, please complete the forms below – one for each pet. This is the first step in the registration process. Once the form has been completed and sent to us, we will be in touch to check your details and confirm we can accept your application.

Registration is not automatic upon completing the form.

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    “The best 'pawside manner'”

    A permanent problem with my back means it's almost impossible to get my cat into his carrier and take him to the vet. It was a relief to find out about Rosie and Paws Indoors and to hear glowing recommendations of her and her 'at home' service. Rosie has been looking after Spider's health at home since 2016, which has reduced both our stress levels enormously! Aside from that, I know that my cat is being looked after by an expert who has the best 'pawside manner' imaginable. Both myself and Spider are very happy to recommend Rosie and Paws Indoors.