Pet Health Club

We all want healthy pets. Unlike pet insurance, our Pet Health Club provides your pet with regular preventative medications and health essentials and allows you to spread the cost by monthly direct debit. As a result, club members benefit from cost savings compared to buying the products individually and from discounts against our standard fees.

We have two types of Pet Health Club:

Pet Health Club – Standard Plan

Our Pet Health Club Standard Plan includes:

Annual booster vaccination.

Microchipping (if required)

50% off a puppy or kitten first vaccination course.

Annual health check for your pet.

10% discount off veterinary fees for consultations, neutering and dentistry.

Regular delivery of prescription flea, tick, and worming treatments to your home.

An annual visit from our registered veterinary nurse for nail clipping, parasite, weight and fitness checks and dietary advice.

Pet Health Club – Plus Plan

Our Pet Health Club Plus Plan is ideal for those who experience difficulty applying products to their pet and/or for pets requiring more regular checks. It includes the same benefits as the standard plan with the following additional benefits:

A kennel cough vaccination for dogs (if required).

50% off written prescriptions for those who prefer to order medicines online.

Additional visits from our practice nurse to administer the delivered flea and worming treatments, clip claws and check over your pet.

Pet Health Club Plans – Our prices

Our plans have been designed to provide your pets with the best cover for the best value.

Pet Standard Plan Plus Plan
Cat £26 £35
Dog (up to 10kg) £26 £35
Dog (10-20kg) £29 £38
Dog (20-40kg) £32 £41
Dog (40kg-56kg) £35 £44
Dog (56kg +) £47 £55

Cost per month paid by direct debit either on the 1st or 15th of every month. The direct debit will appear on your bank statement as Easy Direct Debits.

Pet Health Club Plans – What you need to know

  • To enable our vet to prescribe products for your pet, an appointment will be required if our vet has not seen your pet before or if they have not been seen within the last six-twelve months (for registered clients). This appointment will include a full pet health check, a general discussion about your pet’s health, a claw clip (if needed) and the first three months’ supply of flea and worming treatments as part of the plan if they are required. Our standard consultation charge will apply to this appointment.
  • Upon registering your pet for the plan, we will require the first month’s payment and your bank details to set up the monthly direct debit for the following month. To continue prescribing preventative products, our vets are required to see your pet at least once a year, but this can coincide with the annual booster.
  • If your pet’s annual booster is due within the first three months of the plan starting, then the full cost of the booster must be paid for. The following year’s booster will then qualify as part of the plan.
  • For puppies, the monthly Pet Health Club monthly payment is priced for their anticipated adult weight. If your puppy exceeds their expected adult weight, the plan will be charged according to their actual weight range.
  • Should you cancel your plan, no refunds will be made for the monthly payments already paid. If your pet has benefitted from the plan’s products and services before sufficient payments have been made within the year, then there may be an additional charge to cover our costs to provide these services. Please see the terms and conditions supplied when joining the plan.
  • While many pets are compliant and make no fuss about having their nails clipped, some cats and dogs require additional care in terms of handling or sedation to perform a nail clip that is safe for both the pet and the nurse/vet. The additional costs incurred in providing this service are not included in the plan.

“Much less stressful ”

Rosie is fantastic! I wish I had found her earlier. Having our cats looked after, having their jabs, etc at home is so much less stressful for them and me!